Advertising and Best Practices

Having spent some time in an agency and then working in companies that used me to do their advertising there are many tips that remain pertinent in today’s world. The first is to know your audience. One is not trying to sell to every person in the universe. The goal is to target those who might be interested in your particular brand. The question is how does one find them and then convert them to your goods.

The first thing is to know the market. Magazines, radio programs, television shows, and so forth, need constant examination for their content and special promotions. Good editors will often contact you if they are doing something special and think you would be interested in helping sponsor that program.

The next most important thing is presentation, and that is everything. Unless your advertisements are appealing and spot on with information that matters no one will take heed the message. For instance, if you are selling a truck don’t present it with a family picnic.

The other thing that tops the list is giving the audience a free take-away. That doesn’t mean food but a thought. One of them that sticks in my mind is when advertising land around a lake that was sealed by a land bar that prevented any nasties from entering it.

My ad included the words “shark free, fish filled waters of the ever blue Smith Lake”. The picture this presented was so good I was invited to read the ads on the radio by one of the best presenters in the business. Without images to enhance it the suggestion of blue water and great features really got the message across and the land sold rapidly.

There are some other tips to make an audience drool but above all stay on message. The use of animated images is not my idea of good practices unless one is dealing with such as ‘Looey the fly’. This ad was produced by a top author in the advertising agency where my experience started.

Good lines, a bit of comedy, and a good take-away image will sell anything. It takes skill to recognise them and a good writer to bring them to life. The bottom line is to get the attention of the potential buyers and not to turn them off with poor ads. If they interested in listening to and watching your ad they will usually buy from you.