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The Portable Office – What Is Your Briefcase Carrying Today?

For today’s professional, the laptop or iPad is vital to their business. Conducting business outside the office is a must. In order to stay ahead, the modern professional needs to have a way to take all their necessary documents with them. Literally your office fits in one hand now. The right briefcase or bag can help keep everything organized and allow you to continue to do business while you’re on the go.

Keeping yourself organized requires the right tools. When searching for the right case or laptop bag, consider how well your laptop will be protected. There must be a padded area or liner specifically for your laptop to allow for bumps along the road. If you’re choosing a backpack, your laptop must be suspended above the bottom of the bag so as not to hit the floor when setting it down. If you’re traveling through the airport or train station, do you prefer a rolling laptop case or a messenger bag with a shoulder strap? There are lots of choices out there, be thorough in your research. Decide what items you need to keep your business running and choose a laptop case that compliments your style.

Only you can identify the specific tools needed to take your office with you. Having a specific place for each item keeps things at your fingertips and allows you to find them easily. A briefcase offers room for your laptop and documents. You can also carry other necessary business tools, but not many personal items. A quality briefcase is always a good choice and a must for high level executives. A messenger bag can be a great transition from work to evening. A messenger bag has a protected place for your laptop and plenty of room for extra items for the on-the-go professional. A rolling briefcase may be a great choice for the person who walks long distances or travels by train or plane more often. This option offers lots of room and can even be used as a carry-on bag when the need arises, eliminating long lines at check-in. There are even wheeled cases that offer removable folding files.

Carefully evaluate how you operate on the move. Prioritize which items you need to have quickly accessible. With proper research and understanding, the right bag can simplify your life. Business isn’t always at the office anymore. Business can happen anywhere. Will you be ready?