Guide To SEO In WordPress For Beginners

Enhancing the WordPress SEO is one of the most important tricks to generate maximum traffic on your webpage. Many people start their blogs in WordPress because it is a popularly held opinion that WordPress is SEO friendly. This article will share some of the insights on WordPress SEO and how to generate maximum traffic by its use.

But why do people even choose WordPress or even digital marketing? This is because the benefits of choosing digital marketing far outnumber the benefits of conventional marketing methods. Conventiolan marketing methods like magazine ads and banners have very limited reach as opposed to digital marketing.

Since digital marketing uses the internet as the platform for marketing, it has an absolute infinite reach. This means that you can reach n number of people and spread awareness about your business. besides that, unlike the magazine’s ads which are lifeless as you can not change them after getting them printed, online ads are very much alive.

You can make changes in the content as per the call of the situation. This also places digital marketing on a better footing than the conventional modes of marketing. Digital marketing also requires expertise because it takes the use of SEO. SEO is not everyone’s cup of tea, it requires proper knowledge and skills to execute.

If your knowledge in SEO is limited, it is best advised that you choose an SEO agency to help you in your SEO forays. If you operate your business in Sydney, then the best SEO company Sydney is Australian Internet Advertising. they have been the market leaders of Australia for a long time. Their team of experts will help you in increasing your organic traffic.

They incorporate the latest SEO algorithms to ensure that the content they have created is cutting edge. They are the certified marketing partners of Google and Facebook. They partner with their clients and share regular reports and progress which is made in the SEO escapade. Choosing them can help you ace in SEO.

WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners

Even though SEO is a very technical subject, for beginners, knowing a few basic tips will do the job. Here are a few tips for beginners in SEO:

1- Check the visibility of your website- There is an inbuilt setting in WordPress to hide the website from the search engine. This serves the function of performing the required final touches on the website before opening the floodgates of traffic. the first thing that you must ensure is that this option is unchecked unless you will remain invisible.

2- Use an SEO friendly URL structure- SEO friendly URL is one that lucidly gives an idea of what the content of the page is about and it can be read and understood by both humans and web engines.

3- WWW vs. no-WWW- Starting a new website also puts you at a juncture to decide between WWW and non-WWW. The search engine puts these two as unrelated and distinct websites thus, you must decide early and stick to it.


WordPress SEO can be very beneficial for your online content to increase traffic generation.

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