Creative Versus Competitive

One of the most amazing things I have learned since helping business people over many years, is that competition with other businesses, is sometimes the start of a race to the bottom. What do I mean by that? Well if you are always checking what price others are charging, your only weapon is price and… Continue reading Creative Versus Competitive

The Future Is Now: Machine Learning Has Arrived

Machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence that gives computer systems the ability to automatically improve and learn from experience has been making serious waves for the last few years. More recently, though, the applications for smartphones and other small screen experiences have started to take shape, driving the way millions interact with their mobile… Continue reading The Future Is Now: Machine Learning Has Arrived

Definitions of Innovation?

This short article looks at what innovation is. Like many things, it has a different meaning to different people, businesses and markets. Indeed, the following example definitions demonstrate just how difficult it is to describe innovation. So, what is innovation? Innovation was defined by Joseph Schumpeter, the Austrian economist as: 1. The introduction of a… Continue reading Definitions of Innovation?

Innovation Leadership

In another article, I outlined the corporate perspective of innovation and leadership through published survey results. From these surveys, it is clear that innovation is important to top-management and the leadership team. I have also outlined my view as to what leadership is. General Requirements – Top Management Senior managers do not generally actively encourage… Continue reading Innovation Leadership

What Is an Innovation Strategy?

Introduction When undertaking an innovation audit, the auditor often looks at five principal areas, the first of which is around the innovation strategy. This article looks at innovation strategies and why they are important. When undertaking innovation, all to often companies get their people together and tell them that they are going to be innovative.… Continue reading What Is an Innovation Strategy?