Do You Belong Here? Track Membership Attendance at Membership Organizations

Your business is of the utmost importance. It is important to ensure the integrity of guests in membership-only organizations. Your members spend their hard-earned money to join, and their luxury should be safeguarded. Track membership attendance at membership organizations by introducing membership cards. With a single swipe, members will have all-access to your organization or event, which is great and easy for them, but you, the business owner, will get to see how many times they attend-which is even better for you.


Behind the scenes work is never fun. Manually signing into a business, event, or club, takes time-and time is money. Sometimes members or attendees will scribble their name, or have a messy signature, rendering the data collection useless. With new technology, human error is taken out of the mix, on both sides of the coin. By downloading a free trial of the member track software, businesses will have the capability to register their members or attendees, issue professional membership cards, tract data collection, and control access to their facility.


It’s never easy to keep track of everyone, all the time. Databases are hard to accrue, and maintain. Track membership attendance at your membership organization, at the touch of a button. By registering members one time, their information is immediately stored, and able to be merged with a pre-existing database. You can even organize your database by adding and deleting pertinent fields, as well as auto-formatting data-taking all the work out of the hardest behind the scenes task, and freeing up more time for your employees.

Membership Cards:

Track membership attendance at your membership organization at the swipe of a card. By issuing a membership card, someone does not always need to be manning the door or gate, lessening human error, and better allocating employee resources. Membership cards can include logos, identification photos, and 1D or 2D barcodes. Rules can be created to prevent duplicate cards, further protecting your business or organization from unwanted visitors.

Track Membership Attendance:

With the professional membership card, members feel elite for being able to access the building whenever they need to, but employers can determine who is using their cards the most. Eliminate the need for more behind-the-scenes cataloging, and protect the assets of the business, organization, or event by tracking each member swipe by date, time, location, member type, expiration date and number of entries. Figure out who is in your building, and when. This creates more security, and allows for the organization to see the comings and goings of their members, making sure everyone is adhering to the rules. If your business or organization has multiple buildings or branches, these locations can be synced easily, all in the same application.


With all of this data stored in one simple to use format, instead of agonizing over creating monthly reports, at the click of a button, they can be at your fingertips.

Consider the many benefits of having all of your membership data in one place.